Rent Rimini

The 'RENT': Cars, Bus, Minibus, Limousine, Buses, Minibuses, Car Ceremony, Blue Car, Representative Car, with Driver, with Hostess Language, Little Transport Goods, Transport Disabled in Rimini.

"Bianchini Rent": Rent Rimini for over 35 years ensures comfortable travel to its customers! Thanks to its experience can guarantee the total quality of service and complete satisfaction. The comfort of our means, we will allow travel in utmost relaxation and luxury!

The activity of Rent, rent with the possibility of Driver, and Hostess of foreign language (on request)... will allow you to make use of the rent Car, Bus, Minibus, Limousine.

Services for rent, rent that offers: Personalized services for conventions and conferences, ceremonies, big occasions, fairs, sport, small transport goods, and disabled transport.

The Rental of our means has entrusted to qualified personnel, able to satisfy the most demanding customers.