Company & Rental Services in Rimini

The Company's organization:

The Company S.A.M. Bianchini, on the market for over 35 years, thanks to his experience can guarantee the total quality of service and complete customer satisfaction.

The company is in compliance with the Quality System Certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 (ISO 9001: 2008).

This philosophy has matured day by day thanks to the collaboration of the executive staff and operators leading the means. These ingredients are the real added value to seize the market needs and to offer cutting-edge media.

The company has owned Mechanical workshop to ensure maximum safety of its vehicles, which are constantly monitored and checked after each service.

Thanks again experience, S.A.M. Bianchini offers a full line of services, enriched by rental 2 "Lincoln Limousine", where you can travel on board of a luxury car dream for all personal and professional occasions.

The Rental & Rent Services:

The Service of Rent Bus and Minibus is guaranteed by the more than 40/2 (available from 4 to 88 seats) that the company S.A.M. Bianchini offers. With them you always have available to the driver and, on request, the Hostess of foreign language.

The Service of Rent Car Auto was born from a particular attention to customer needs and consist of: Blue Car, Representative Car, Car Ceremony, Vintage car, Luxury car or Limousine, available to any itinerary in Italy and abroad.

Personalized services for: Meetings and Conferences, Ceremonies, Weddings, Events and Sport Events.

We also have services for media: Transport Goods, Transport Disabled and Rental School.

Vehicles are all newly registered and are constantly renewed to ensure maximum security and a peaceful comfort.